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February 23, 2010


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We can all agree that a good photograph makes the viewer feel something. A photograph should either tell a story, or convey an idea or emotion. A personal photograph should convey a memory. A good looking photograph is worthless if it doesn’t evoke a vivid memory of a moment in time. Authenticity is of paramount importance to a photojournalist. We want our photos to be real. I will use the example of the wedding here but this applies to any personal form of photography. When a husband and wife look at their photos years from their wedding date, good photographs will help their minds transport to that time and place. A great photojournalistic photograph is powerful because the memories associated with it are real memories of the event. When photographs are forced and staged they take away from the authenticity of the moment. I want my subjects to remember their emotions on their wedding day towards themselves, their spouse, their family and friends, not their feelings and interactions with me! When a couple views a photo of themselves during their first dance I want them to remember how happy they were, how beautiful the bride was, how great the groom looked in his suit. I don’t want them to remember me barking out orders or jumping in front of them. This is why I believe in unobtrusive, authentic photojournalism. I want my photographs to be real and I want my hand in creating them to be almost invisible. As artists we must always remember to uphold the authenticity of the moment.

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