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July 21, 2010


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Fusion is a term to describe the blending of photography and video. Professional and many amateur cameras now have the ability to shoot spectacular cinematic video. This has opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for photographers. We can now shoot still photos and video switching seamlessly between the two. We can even shoot photos in the middle of shooting video. Traditional video cameras have small image sensors which make for a large depth of field which means that most of the image is in focus. Still cameras have large image sensors some of which are larger than 35mm film formats which allows for a more narrow depth of field with more out of focus area. The quality and resolution of the new cameras is also exceptional. Another big benefit especially for events is that the still cameras with the larger sensors also are more sensitive to light and allow us to shoot high quality video in lower light.

From a storytelling perspective it is exciting to be able to shoot photos and video in the same smaller camera. It is freeing us up to tell the stories we want to tell and to capture a range of still and moving images. This style of shooting is not without its’ challenges. Still cameras are not designed for shooting lots of video and are best for capturing shorter clips, they are also harder to focus and control. It takes a skilled videographer with experience in fusion shooting to deliver great content. I tell my clients to expect 3-8 minutes of video content per hour if I am shooting fusion. This makes for an excellent highlight but isn’t great for couples that want complete coverage of the ceremony and other events in totality. We typically deliver a 40-55 minute full length video for a fusion wedding shoot. Our classic video packages with traditional cameras average 90-130 minutes by comparison. Fusion is especially great for the couple that wants a great highlight video of the day or might not have the budget for a dedicated videographer.

A Fusion Wedding Highlight: Rosie & David, “All Yours”

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