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August 11, 2010

Cutting Through the Hype

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There is a lot of hype in wedding photography. What makes one photographer worth 20K a day and another worth 2K? Many times it is real skill and a unique creativity, many other times though it is simply hype. Success in photography is about 20% ability and skill behind the camera and 80% marketing prowess. Many young hip photographers have personality videos and slick artistic presentations where they sell how cool they are, not so much how well they can photograph your wedding! The photographer might have 30-50 great, unique and creative images from a wedding that you love… but what about the rest of the day. The wedding photographers primary job should be telling the story of your wedding day with beautiful images. Eye popping shots are great but, an overall collection of images that conveys the story and emotion of the day are paramount. When I shoot a wedding my philosophy is tell the story first. If I am spending too much time trying to find one dramatic image I might miss 20 great beautiful moments. I am not knocking a well made website and presentation, I am just suggesting that you dig deeper and cut through the hype to the substance the photographs!

Question: How do you; the consumer of quality photography cut through the hype and find the right photographer for you?

Answer: By looking at the full product of a photographer from the perspective of the bride and groom.

1. Look at complete wedding galleries, ask to see complete wedding galleries, at least 2 or 3. A good wedding photographer should have at least 300-500 images from a wedding. I usually have 1200+.  More is not better or worse, look to see that the story was told though and that all the key moments were captured. This way you will have a good idea of what your complete wedding collection will look like. Do moments unfold before you, do you feel like you are there; seeing as much of the people, places, emotions and details of the day? Is there a good variety of close up detailed shots and wide establishing shots? Is the style of the photos what you are looking for?

2. See the real product you are purchasing. If you will be buying a flush mount wedding album, then see at least one complete wedding flush mount album. Does the design please you? Is the story told in a beautiful timeless manner? If you are buying a canvas print, look at one of theirs and so on…

3. Meet your photographer, not a sales person but the photographer you will be working with. Do they listen to you? Can you communicate with them? Do they have the personality you work well with? Ask them about their philosophy and approach to documenting a wedding.

4. Ask for references or read reviews online.

Your wedding day should be one of the most memorable days of your life- it will fly by in an instant. A good photographer will preserve those moments forever, make sure you find the best photographer for your budget.


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