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My name is Josh Kline, I am a professional photographer working in Southern California. This site is all about taking better pictures. Images that are simple and timeless. Images that tell stories, make us laugh, cry and think. My goal is to provide simple instruction for amatuer and professional photographers. This site does not seek to be an exhaustive review of modern photography. I will not be reviewing the camera of the week. I will focus mostly on the basics that really matter for making better photographs.

To see more of my photography or to hire me please visit my website:

A couple websites I recommend:
Chase is one of the most successful and innovative commercial/ advertising photographers working today. He is very generous with his insights:
My favorite contrarian Ken Rockwell comments on photography technique and gear in a more detailed, complex manner than here:

For the techies:
An exhaustive review site covering digital photography gear and techniques:
A scientific test site of current digital cameras:

Aspiring Pro’s:

A great resource and forum for wedding and social photography pros:
Professional Photographers of America is the most significant trade group for professional photographers:

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