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Videography is important, photographs tell the story, a well shot video adds context and dimension and sound. A good videographer can document an event and tell the story while staying out of the way. The same skills that apply to photography apply to videography a good image is a good image whether or not it is in motion. I recommend you strongly consider adding a professional videographer to document your wedding or event. Video can be complicated, HD or SD, 16:9, fusion… I will attempt to simplify and cut through the technology here to help you make informed decisions.

HD simply means High Definition and it comes in a lot of varieties. If you have seen HD then you know how great it can look; when shot well HD provides a much sharper, more detailed image than SD. Most modern videographers now shoot with HD capable cameras. One of the biggest misunderstandings regarding HD is how you view it. No matter what anyone may tell you- you cannot watch HD on a regular DVD. In order to view HD you must either do so on your computer (QT or WMV) or with a Bluray Disc player and disc. DVD players that upcovert to HD are merely doubling the same pixels over and over, not increasing the actual detail or sharpness. HD comes as 720P, 1080i and 1080P. 1080P is the highest resolution, I prefer 720P over 1080i for anything other than sports. For most viewers 720P is great and they will notice little difference from 720P to 1080P.

Fusion refers to the convergence of video and photography. Modern DSLR still cameras now also shoot video. They are capable of incredible quality in a small package. Fusion is exciting for photojournalists because it allows us to shoot stills and video in the same small camera. These cameras are great for capturing short video clips but not as adept at shooting for long periods of time. I personally am using this technology for my love stories and for shooting wedding/event video highlights. The love story below was shot entirely in this manner. These cameras provide a much more cinematic look because the depth of field (area in the image in sharp focus) is narrow like a film camera.

Videos can be editing in many different ways. The most common variety is a highlight edit which is usually 4-10 minutes long and is usually set to music. If the editor is skilled she/he can tell the story in a condensed, entertaining and beautiful way. Highlights can be easily posted online and friends and family can view them. They are a great way to remember the day. A longer or more documentary edit usually includes much more of the day including the entire ceremony, first dance, toasts and other formalities. What is most important is that you understand what the videographer is providing and see samples of the product you are purchasing. Editing styles can be very different, so make sure that you like the style of the videographer and editor before you book. Does the video tell the story? Is the sound clear and good, is the camera movement smooth and well composed?

Love Stories/Montages
Love Stories or Montages can tell the story of your courtship, how you met, how he proposed, what you love about each other. Usually these videos tell the story with photos, video interviews and clips. There are many approaches to these projects. A good love story captures your story and is a lasting testament to how you felt shortly before your wedding. They are great for displaying at the reception for your family and friends or displayed online. Make sure again that you see an actual Love Story that the videographer or photographer has produced. Here is a love story that I produced for Bojana & Aaron, we shot it at the Santa Monica Beach.

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